It is with great pride that we announce the signing of a strategic partnership between AllWeld Nuclear & Industrial in South Africa and Equilibrium Engineering Consultancy (EEC) as well as its sister company Equilibrium Equipment Trading (EET) in the UAE.

The UAE will require the support of Nuclear professionals for the operation and maintenance of its current Nuclear fleet at Barakah Nuclear Power plant (BNPP), as well as to support the future Nuclear expansion program within Saudi Arabia. The partnership between AllWeld and Equilibrium provides the perfect solution for the required support in the provision of Nuclear Support Services.

Equilibrium is a fully Emirati-owned company, with an excellent ICV (In-Country Value) score, located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and is fully equipped to provide Engineering and Project Management services as well as the supply of equipment and consumables to the Nuclear and Oil & Gas industries. Equilibrium Engineering Consultancy is one of the fast-growing companies and currently executes many projects in the region in the energy sector. Equilibrium Equipment Trading is a leading supplier of safe, critical and complex industry equipment, including oil, gas, nuclear and healthcare consumable supplies.

AllWeld Nuclear & Industrial has a 61-year track record of supplying Maintenance, Shutdown, Fabrication, Training and Project Management services to various industries including the Nuclear industry. The Integrated Management system of AllWeld is certified to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 3834-2 and conforms to ASME NQA-1, ISO 19443, ISO 45001, IAEA GSR Part 2, which enables AllWeld to provide services and products to clients in the Nuclear Sector, ensuring Nuclear Safety, Conventional Safety and Quality are at all times at the forefront of their service offering.

The partnership between AllWeld and Equilibrium is aligned to the vision of both partners, who share similar core values such as Quality, Safety, Integrity, Commitment, Trust, Pride, and Teamwork. With the combined strengths of AllWeldand Equilibrium, we trust that the partnership will contribute meaningfully and successfully to the current and future Nuclear Infrastructure within the UAE and Saudi Arabia.